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Effort Dances Lightly On the Water

So many things have turned out to be fear and imagination, dancing together, under the sun, under the moon; in a storm, in the desert, and the woods and like gods, over the water. Everywhere things are popping up and becoming possibilities. We dare to facilitate or we press against fear, or succumb.

To engage with a goal is to overcome obstacles. How marvelous! So, even if the fear and perhaps true circumstances may present terrible odds, even if the progress is barely measurable, forward is forward. A bit far exceeds nothing. It's true for the gym, all disciplines; it's true for making art, and music, and for achieving all kinds of fabulous goals.

The nature of effort carries a very different glow than defeat. I've known some defeats. It's a valuable experience but can be very awful to live through. But the effort numbs the cut of the disappointment. Like they say, "At least you tried." And it's true.

Most successes are not binary won/lose situations but more nuanced degrees of accomplishments and failures. In a certain frame of mind, there can be no actual failure as all experience is educative. If anything is gained, the experience had value. Sometimes a thing is just a drag and has no restorative value. Still, I figure I grab tips on life any chance I get.

All this is leading up to my current experiences with learning GarageBand on the fly and trying to record a complete track during the month of February to participate in the RPM Challenge. I have a habit of accepting challenges and then drifting away without completion. I've really never been too sure how much it matters. But here we are, I've done it again. Stuck my neck out, and battling at the edges of effort and determination. Today I achieved a new amount of work, and am feeling better. Perhaps I'll finish after all.

©Agent Judy


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