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Agent Judy is a working artist, songwriter, performer, maker, ritual designer, + social worker with work including drawings + paintings in + on mixed media, photography, poetry, fiction + essay writing, soundtracks, songs, + other musical compositions. J has performed since childhood, albeit with a long hiatus spent scratching at subsistence, raising children, + drawing at all hours, leading to gallery shows at Crone’s Harvest, Five Crows, + Zeitgeist Gallery. Agent Judy currently writes songs and performs with Crow Follow as a singer, guitarist, and percussionist.  She wrote and sang for Engine Judy, as well as Chelsea Clutch + previously sang in TMax’s Peace Chorus. She has been rehearsing privately for decades, in school choruses + around campfires, as well as in cars + showers with good reverb. She has embodied a variety of personas, with various names, + is currently embarking on very new directions, which can be followed on this website, continually developing. Thanx for visiting, and plz keep coming back as things are likely to change and may shift in motion. #BIGLOVE

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